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SLS Contracted Commercial Legal Services

Last week Amanda explained how our flexible approach can help you punch above your weight, this week she breaks things down a little – Check out our latest edition of SLS Legal Net for details on what our team of senior lawyers team can do to support your firm or legal team. SLS Contracted Commercial…

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Flexible Deployment Models

Last week Marli spoke about what makes Team SBA so special, so what does it take to compliment a special team? A flexible approach that tailors to our client’s needs – however you’d like outsourcing to work for you, we have a solution! Flexible Deployment Models Transcript Last week I spoke about what makes our…

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Punch Above Your Weight With SLS

Today Amanda goes into detail on how, using SLS’s white label offerings, you can ‘Punch above your Weight’. Unlock our extensive skill set and scale your operation at a fraction of the cost you’d expect. Check our video out to learn more! Don’t forget to subscribe. Feel free to comment any topics you’d like us…

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What Makes Team SBA So Special?

What makes team SBA so special? Well, we’re a diverse bunch of specialists who are passionate about what we do! We’re driven by your success. Marli discusses in a bit more detail, please check it out! Don’t forget to subscribe! Feel free to comment any topics you’d like us to explore in the future! What…

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White Label Conveyancing

Is conveyancing profitable for your firm? It can be a tough nut to crack – Today Amanda speaks about our white label solution for conveyancing – we can support your current team or help with a new revenue stream all at a fraction of the price you’d expect! Learn more on our sister firm SLS’s…

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Training time is money

For our latest cast of SBA today, Marli speaks about the training attrition cycle. What does it cost your organisation? We think we have a better way – we support your current team so they can concentrate on what’s important all whilst minimising loss of process knowledge through staff attrition. Don’t forget to subscribe! Training…

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