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Big Data and Predictive Analysis

Any voluminous amount of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data that may be used to derive information can be described as big data, which is normally characterized by the 3Vs—volume, variety, and velocity of data. While it has no specific volume of data to define it, terms like terabytes, petabytes, and Exabyte’s are often used to…

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Increasing Leads with Digital Marketing

Last week we looked at digital marketing – what it is and why its important and becoming more so! Don’t just take it from us! If you are looking at outsourcing regular or digital marketing, talk to SBA Business. We can source the right experts for your company to start or improve your digital marketing…

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Improving your business intelligence

Last week we looked at Business Intelligence and how it can be integrated into your legal departments to find new ways to drive profitable business. This article Are you looking to develop and implement a business intelligence program for your legal company or department? SBA can help – contact us today.

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Digital Marketing – where content is king

Outsource your marketing Part III Did you know that content is now the key part of the google algorithm? If your websites sits there, static and unmoving, for month, the google algorithm will start to skip over it in search of more interesting and newer content for that search term. So if you have an…

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Why Business Intelligence is important for your legal department

Business intelligence is a technology-driven process used to analyze and present useful information that assists businesses in making informed business decisions. It comprises different practices, application, tools and technologies which are used by an organization to collect, prepare for analysis, and present raw data to form actionable and insightful business information. Business intelligence consists of…

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Outsource your Marketing part II

Last week we looked at when you might need to outsource some or all of your marketing. This time, we look at why. What are the actual benefits that such outsourcing can have? Overheads It’s expensive to have an in-house marketing team. From HR and recruitment, to training and benefits, it is a long, tedious…

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