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About Us The Strategic Business Alliance Story

Our self-confessed ‘business nerd’ Partha Nag founded SBA in 2010, gathering around him a diverse bunch of focused professionals committed to helping grow what you do.   

Everyone in our Melbourne and India teams are fully conversant with Australian legislation, regulatory regimes and compliance requirements, and our senior legal professionals have local and international qualifications. 

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We know this because we know our people.

Unlike other outsourcing factories, our people are employed by us. When we have a project that suits our team in India, we don’t say “We’ll get India to do it.” We call Bitoo, or Sunita, or Amarjit. Why wouldn’t we - they’re our colleagues. We talk to each other every day, know each other’s favourite sports teams, and enjoy a bit of banter. And that’s the SBA difference.

Because to us, outsourcing doesn’t mean treating people like pawns in a money scheme. We won’t do that – we never have.

SBA is the right size for you.

We don’t believe outsourcing is only for big businesses, so don’t think you’re too small. On the other hand, if you have a big, busy team and just need some additional power, we’ve got that.

You can work with our people in Melbourne, or our people in India - or for those times you need all hands on deck for a superfast turnaround, work with both!

Now, how can we help?

How we fit together

Sometimes you just need a little help – other times you need a lot, and fast! Relax, both SBA teams are ready to help. Our Melbourne team are here to support your own personnel, our India team is here to get work done for you by morning – while a collaborative blend of both teams can free you up to do what you do best.

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Onshore (Melbourne)

Our Melbourne team of paralegals, lawyers, accounting, marketing and IT professionals provide dedicated support to your own people.

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Offshore (India)

Our qualified colleagues in India handle a range of projects and assignments briefed by the end of the Australian workday are usually turned around by the next morning (depending on volume and complexity).

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All hands on deck (both)

This is a great solution for projects that require round-the-clock, all hands on deck attention. Split the allocation of work between both Melbourne and India offices for round-the-clock collaboration and super quick turnaround. 

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