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5 Tools your Remote Working team can’t live without

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed the definition of corporate life worldwide. Pre COVID, a cosy work environment at home, was the dream of many corporate employees. The temporary remote working model, driven by COVID, had consequently converted this dream into reality.  What was expected to be temporary has gradually become a permanent working…

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How can outsourcing be helpful for SMEs?

The pandemic’s economic and social impacts have made small to medium-sized enterprises rethink how they operate in a bid to remain competitive. The recent Omicron wave has only reinforced the need for a more flexible approach, with exploding case numbers bringing many industries from retail to hospitality to a grinding halt because of staff isolating…

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The explosion in remote work and how it’s expanding possibilities of hiring.

Since the onset of the pandemic, many organisations have encouraged their employees to work from home. There’s a significant emphasis globally on remote work, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large companies like Amazon, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft. Working remotely isn’t a new phenomenon. It also won’t solve all the staffing problems driven by COVID,…

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Junior Lawyers at a Risk of Early Burnout

In 2007 the University of Sydney Brain and Mind Research Institute published a paper Courting the Blues: attitudes towards depression, which surveyed nearly 2,500 Australian junior lawyers, solicitors, and barristers about their mental health. The results showed thirty-three per cent of lawyers and 20 per cent of barristers suffered from depression. Fast forward to 2022,…

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