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How does Outsourcing work in Business?

How Outsourcing works?

Outsourcing have become a crucial aspect of business economics throughout the 1990s and till date, outsourcing is one of the most common business strategies across a wide range of industries. As a business leader, you would like to carry on all the operations smoothly and seamlessly, but sometimes things just go out of order, right?…

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What are The Real Cost Savings from Outsourcing?

real cost savings

How do you measure direct cost savings and  opportunity cost savings from outsourcing? Traditionally, costs arbitrage from outsourcing comes from paying a lower rate of labour cost deployment by having a resource working offshore. So that’s a direct cost saving vis-à-vis a resource, an inhouse team member working on a task, for example. But what…

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Is your Business Scalable?

Business Scalability

What does Scalability mean for a business? Scalability would mean how quickly you can grow the business or how quickly you can acquire new clients from prospects. And we all know the growing pain in a business. Scalability, or lack of it, plays a big part in how bad those growing pains are in a…

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5 ways to strengthen your business during an economic downturn

Economic downturn

Recession is probably one of the scariest words for every business around the world. As the US inflation rate is hitting a four-decade high and the country’s stocks are taking a beat, and there are ominous talks about another US-led global recession. Australia has successfully escaped the effects of such a recession twice in the…

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How To Navigate the Perfect Storm of Staff Shortages

How To Staff Shortages

In stats released by ABS in April 2022, one in every five businesses, i.e. 18% of the companies in Australia, were suffering from staff shortages. Additionally, global supply chain issues have contributed to rising inflation, exacerbating enterprises’ staff shortages. Small and medium enterprises were more likely affected than large businesses as most could not find…

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Calling all General Counsels!

We talk a lot about white label and how it can help you punch above your weight – but what is it exactly? Amanda has all the details! Don’t forget to subscribe. Feel free to comment any topics you’d like us to explore in the future! What Is A White Label Service? Transcript White Label…

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Understanding Data Migration: Process, Types and Key Steps to Follow

Understanding Data Migration

We are standing at an age where ever-growing data presents opportunities and challenges for organisation on how to manage data. Amidst such a data-driven environment, the Data Migration process is designed to help corporates migrate to a new innovative cloud system or shift to a tightly secured storage location that might reduce the future threats…

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5 simple cyber security tips to protect your business against hackers

Cybersecurity services by SBA

Cyber security threats are prevalent with the explosion of remote work and almost everything conveniently shifting to online mode. In the 2020–21 financial year, ACSC received over 67,500 cybercrime reports, an increase of nearly 13% from the previous financial year. Sure, it doesn’t sound very comforting, but having awareness is the first step! Here are…

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7 Best Accounting Practices That Your Business Need to Have

7 Best Accounting Practices That Your Business Need to Have

Benjamin Franklin once famously said, “Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.” Expense management is both an art and science. You’re not only using knowledge to manage your accounts but also leveraging accounting to solve business problems. When it comes down to account for your organisation’s income and expenses, many…

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The Art of (cyber) War

Cyber threats in War

Technology has shaped global development in ways that would have seemed like science fiction 50 years ago. In the 21st century, humans can connect with anyone, anywhere – at any point in time; whilst impressive, this rapid evolution poses a risk that can rewrite warfare with cyber attacks and how humans deal with large scale…

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