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White Label Conveyancing Oct 20, 2020

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Is conveyancing profitable for your firm? It can be a tough nut to crack – Today Amanda speaks about our white label solution for conveyancing – we can support your current team or help with a new revenue stream all at a fraction of the price you’d expect! Learn more on our sister firm SLS’s website

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White Label Conveyancing Transcript

Conveyancing? Does your firm offer it?

What’s the net margin on transactions for your practice? 10, 20, 30 percent. If it’s more, congrats – however, in many instances, it’s tough to be worthwhile or even turn a profit!

Alternatively, is conveyancing a loss leader strategy for your firm? Or are you missing opportunities referring conveyancing requests out of your practice?

What if you could do 60% of a conveyancing transaction for less than $90 plus GST? Or even $400 plus GST for residential conveyances using your own Pexa and trust account? All without hiring additional staff or increasing fixed costs?

The impact of the COVID pandemic has been felt by us all, the last thing that may seem feasible – expanding your capacity without increasing your overheads, but that’s just what SLS white label conveyancing can achieve.

So what’s white label? Essentially, an unbranded service or product sold to a business with the intention of being on sold to a consumer at a profit.

With our white label solution, SLS become your conveyancing team. We handle the conveyancing file, your client only sees your brand. Our lawyers and paralegals interact directly with your client, supporting their engagement and loyalty to you.

If you have a conveyancing team, we complement them, allowing you to scale – if you don’t, our solution can unlock an additional revenue stream.

For $400 plus GST you get a dedicated Melbourne based paralegal team with a senior lawyer overseeing.

For less than $90 plus GST our team based in India can complete 60% or the work in a conveyancing file – from matter opening, ordering searches, preparing letter and all the procedural work in conveyancing transactions.

For your piece of mind, our team is proficient with all major practice management systems used by firms across Australia.

SLS can help you;

  • Enhance margins on conveyancing transactions
  • Add a new revenue stream to your practice
  • Scale conveyancing capacity without increasing fixed costs
  • Increase the value of your practice through increased revenue

Speak to us today to see why large number of law firms are already understanding the benefit of SLS white label conveyancing.



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