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Managing Change in an LPO Deployment

Pinpointing some ways in which firms can help keep employee morale high whilst integrating legal process outsourcing into their work flows. Identify reasons for resistance Employees will react differently to outsourcing depending on their current role in the process. It is important for managers to identify possible issues early, to help avoid any potential clashes that might arise.…

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How Outsourcing Can Be a HR Person’s Secret Weapon

HR professionals in a modern business face many hurdles – be it finding quality staff, enhancing employee retention, or improving productivity through talent management. Combine this with the growing importance of managing mental health issues within their workforce, it can often seem like an impossible tightrope to walk. Although outsourcing is commonly seen as a…

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Understanding your cost of service

As a business owner, understanding your cost of service is pivotal to your business’ success. You need to know what you’re worth and also, the cost of delivering your services. To do this, you need to have an understanding of your workflows and business processes. But when you’re busy working in the business, it’s easy…

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How to Outsource in Small Businesses

For many small business owners, you do it all. You wear the hat of an accountant, sales person, marketer, administrator and receptionist, the list goes on and on. Depending on your size, hiring new employees to assist in these tasks may not be the right move for you. Would an ‘away’ team, ready at your…

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