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How do I format a Professional Looking Word Document?

How to format a word document

With the amount of content we view these days, the impact of a well-designed and professionally formatted document cannot be overstated. Whether you’re presenting a report, crafting a proposal, or simply sharing important information, how your Word document looks and feels can significantly influence how it is received. Success depends not only on the quality…

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How to Manage Accounts Receivable: AR Management

What is Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable are debts owed to a business for goods provided or services rendered by the business. Leading on from our last blog on Account Payable, we’ll explore the significance, challenges, and strategies surrounding accounts receivable, shedding light on this vital aspect of financial management. What is the meaning of accounts receivable? Just as Accounts…

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What are Accounts Payable? A Comprehensive Guide

Like any other responsibility, paying debts and managing accounts payable is crucial to maintaining a healthy financial ecosystem. From small businesses to large corporations, Accounts payable is an unavoidable task that demands attention and strategic handling. In this blog, we’ll discuss accounts payable, their significance, challenges, and practical strategies to navigate this necessary aspect of…

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Anzac Day 2023 – The Story of Ruby Boye

On Anzac Day we commemorate the story of Ruby Boye – the only female Coast Watcher for the Allies in World War 2. Ruby’s journey began in 1928 when she moved to Tulagi in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate with her husband, Skov Boye. Skov worked as a plantation manager for Lever Brothers, and Ruby…

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Communication Satellites: Revolutionising Global Communication

‘Welcome back to our Invention Series! In our previous post, we talked about how the history and evolution of hard disk technology, changed the world of data storage. This week we are looking at another groundbreaking invention that changed the world – communication satellites. Who would have thought that a bunch of fancy metal things…

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The invention of the Hard Disk

With the age of Chat GPT and AI upon us, we thought we would look back on some inventions that were groundbreaking. Picture this: it is the 1950s, and computers are still big, clunky machines that take up entire rooms. And if you wanted to store data, you had to use punch cards or paper…

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How to implement Legal Process Outsourcing solutions?

Lawyers often wear too many hats where they are not only providing legal advice  but also acting as a strategist for business operations. Like any other service provider, law firms strive to offer impeccable service at a reasonable rate. Outsourcing legal services gives lawyers that extra edge in providing bespoke solutions for clients.   The…

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How can SMEs best implement Office 365?

Effective collaboration is the starting point for every business’s success. Most companies who think about switching to a cloud-based platform widely consider implementing Office 365 across their organisation. Microsoft’s team collaboration and business intelligence capabilities have a profound effect on making smart business decisions. Productivity tools like Word, Excel, Teams, SharePoint etc., are a great…

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Ultimate Guide to Outsource Marketing Services for Professional Services Firms

Until a few years ago, professional services firms could rely on their reputations and referral networks to consistently obtain new clients. But today, marketing for professional service organisations like accounting and law firms is rapidly evolving. Organisations are catering to a generation of buyers who have grown up with the Internet. And marketing to such…

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