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How can lawyers implement legal process outsourcing solutions?

Lawyers often wear too many hats where they are not only providing legal advice  but also acting as a strategist for business operations. Like any other service provider, law firms strive to offer impeccable service at a reasonable rate. Outsourcing legal services gives lawyers that extra edge in providing bespoke solutions for clients.   The…

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How can SMEs implement Office 365?

How SMEs can implement Office 365

Effective collaboration is the starting point for every business’s success. Most companies who think about switching to a cloud-based platform widely consider implementing Office 365 across their organisation. Microsoft’s team collaboration and business intelligence capabilities have a profound effect on making smart business decisions. Productivity tools like Word, Excel, Teams, SharePoint etc., are a great…

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Ultimate Guide to Outsource Marketing Services for Professional Services Firms

Marketing Services to Outsource

Until a few years ago, professional services firms could rely on their reputations and referral networks to consistently obtain new clients. But today, marketing for professional service organisations like accounting and law firms is rapidly evolving. Organisations are catering to a generation of buyers who have grown up with the Internet. And marketing to such…

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What is legal process Outsourcing and Why should lawyers outsource?

Why Outsource Legal Services

It’s no secret that the legal profession can be quite stressful. Most lawyers have to spend long hours on their cases and work overtime to perfect the tiniest of detail. Managing cases of all shapes and sizes, drafting court documents, checking and responding to emails, and attending an endless stream of meetings can be quite…

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Why Outsource Bookkeeping Services?

Why outsource Bookkeeping Services

Outsourcing bookkeeping services was once a business practice restricted to large companies. However, technological evolution and the modern business environment have made outsourcing more widespread. Such advancement comes in handy when you’re already overburdened with back office tasks, and tasks like bookkeeping further add to your workload. Also, if the accounts are done regularly, it…

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How does Outsourcing work in Business?

How Outsourcing works?

Outsourcing have become a crucial aspect of business economics throughout the 1990s and till date, outsourcing is one of the most common business strategies across a wide range of industries. As a business leader, you would like to carry on all the operations smoothly and seamlessly, but sometimes things just go out of order, right?…

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What are The Real Cost Savings from Outsourcing?

real cost savings

How do you measure direct cost savings and  opportunity cost savings from outsourcing? Traditionally, costs arbitrage from outsourcing comes from paying a lower rate of labour cost deployment by having a resource working offshore. So that’s a direct cost saving vis-à-vis a resource, an inhouse team member working on a task, for example. But what…

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Is your Business Scalable?

Business Scalability

What does Scalability mean for a business? Scalability would mean how quickly you can grow the business or how quickly you can acquire new clients from prospects. And we all know the growing pain in a business. Scalability, or lack of it, plays a big part in how bad those growing pains are in a…

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5 ways to strengthen your business during an economic downturn

Economic downturn

Recession is probably one of the scariest words for every business around the world. As the US inflation rate is hitting a four-decade high and the country’s stocks are taking a beat, and there are ominous talks about another US-led global recession. Australia has successfully escaped the effects of such a recession twice in the…

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Opportunity Cost for SMEs

Opportunity Cost for SMEs

When you are a business owner, there are multiple factors that you must consider for your business. In a perfect world, you’d have unlimited resources and time and you’d be able to afford everything that’s good for your business. But since it’s far from a perfect world, entrepreneurs often need to make choices, this is…

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