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Softwares We Work With

Our teams work day-to-day across a diverse range of software, spanning a number of business verticals. We love to share our software expertise with our clients.

At SBA we are in the fortunate position of working with clients across all states using a variety of practice management softwares and other work flow management tools. Since 2010, our team has built exposure and expertise in a wide array of softwares used by our clients.

Our cross-sectional knowledge of softwares mean we often assist clients with objective advice on softwares features and what best use looks like. This often means connecting clients with other clients on their experience on a software.

We enable clients to deep dive in their existing software to maximise usage of all features of the software. Our team acts as a bridge to leverage enhanced use of the software features like coding and automation in which the in-house team may not have knowledge of and the client leverages the use of our team.

Any of our team members at any time works on two to three practice management softwares for example and use a variety of document management tools.

At SBA we believe that the journey with clients involves an exchange of knowledge of softwares and process and the knowledge flow is two ways, clients learn from SBA and SBA learns from clients.

Our value proposition for clients is wrapped around understanding that each client is unique and their software journey is bespoke and we are there to work and collaborate and knowledge share with them in that journey.

We share a cross section of some of the softwares that our teams use. This list continues to evolve and will evolve more with passage of time.





Document Management System (DMS)

PDF and other useful tools


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