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Impact of AI in the Workplace: Improving Human-Centred Approach

AI Impact on Workforce

The rise in popularity of artificial intelligence and automation has ushered in a transformative wave within our workforce. Let’s rewind to 2017, when the McKinsey Global Institute’s report offered a glimpse into the transformation of our workforce through AI and automation. This report painted a compelling picture: only a mere 5 per cent of occupations…

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Trust Accounting in Law Firms

trust Accounting for Law firms

Trust is the bedrock of any successful relationship, whether it’s between lawyers and clients or law firms and regulatory authorities. Trust isn’t just a desirable quality; it’s an absolute necessity. And within this sphere, trust accounting plays a pivotal role. This trust extends to critical financial transactions like retainer fee payments, personal injury settlements, or…

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SEO for Law Firms: Best practices for law firm marketing

SEO for Lawyers

Law firms can no longer solely rely on word-of-mouth marketing. It’s no secret that consumers like to do an initial online search for a suitable lawyer, checking things like their reputation and success rate. The visibility and perceived trust of the first few ranks give the firm more organic clicks from consumers. As a result,…

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