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Anzac Day 2023 – The Story of Ruby Boye

On Anzac Day we commemorate the story of Ruby Boye – the only female Coast Watcher for the Allies in World War 2. Ruby’s journey began in 1928 when she moved to Tulagi in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate with her husband, Skov Boye. Skov worked as a plantation manager for Lever Brothers, and Ruby…

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Email Management Tips for Lawyers

Emails are heavily used by lawyers and law firms to communicate with clients, other party lawyers and other stakeholders. But as the practice grows, the sheer volume of emails can be overwhelming. Managing, organising, sharing, and referencing emails can be a challenging task. In this guide, we’ll explore what email management entails, why it’s so…

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Communication Satellites: Revolutionising Global Communication

‘Welcome back to our Invention Series! In our previous post, we talked about how the history and evolution of hard disk technology, changed the world of data storage. This week we are looking at another groundbreaking invention that changed the world – communication satellites. Who would have thought that a bunch of fancy metal things…

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