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Flexible Deployment Models Oct 29, 2020


Last week Marli spoke about what makes Team SBA so special, so what does it take to compliment a special team? A flexible approach that tailors to our client’s needs – however you’d like outsourcing to work for you, we have a solution!

Flexible Deployment Models Transcript

Last week I spoke about what makes our team at SBA so special, but we feel it takes more than just a special team to meet everyone’s needs.

We’re often asked, “Do I have to pay a fixed monthly amount for outsourcing my work?” Or met with the concern “I don’t have enough work to warrant the monthly cost”, or simply “Outsourcing seems expensive, I could never afford it”.

We get that work and what you do can vary from day to day. Sometimes there’s lots on and other times it can seem there’s not enough to keep everyone busy.

That’s where our ad-hoc deployment option comes in – You only pay for work we do. We quote up front and bill for the hours at the end of the month. If you don’t send any work, there’s nothing to pay, not even a monthly fee.

The best part? We retain the knowledge base of your processes. Next time you need support, we hit the ground running. You have total control over the resource – all with no fixed cost.

Ask yourself – Where are there opportunities to save time for my business using outsourcing? Speak with us today to discuss how our flexible solutions can optimise what you do. We can also offer fixed monthly deployment – the choice is yours!

Let SBA help start your innovation journey and get your life back from those tedious tasks!

Don’t miss next week’s cast, we’ll talk more about our team’s functions – and if you haven’t already, check out last weeks, I show what makes Team SBA so special, you don’t want to miss it.



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