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SBA Democracy, Environment and Society

History shows Democracy is fragile and in the times we live in Democracy is under significant pressure.

Be it women’s rights, be it rights of minorities, be it Anti-Semitism, be it voter suppression or be it open war – democracy is under pressure across the globe.

Every day there is news of another regression in rights, a little more chipping away of democratic norms in many parts of the world. Often it is in countries which are supposedly a bastion of democracy, often it is in countries where people already live under immense oppression.

In these turbulent times, the avalanche of news also makes it challenging to ascertain what is happening and how democracy is being gradually eroded and the big picture.

At SBA we believe that democracy or healthy democracy is essential for business and commerce and an environment where those who are socially and economically disadvantaged have the best opportunity to come out of disadvantage.

So in this page we will bring together news from around the world on how democracy is being eroded and what the fight for democracy and human rights look like. Through this efforts we aim to build a chronology of events.


The Party of Lincoln is Dead and Buried and Cremated

The words of this edition of Lateral Thinking is not mine - they are the words of Keith Boykin on...

Witch Hunts Are Back in the Vogue

As part of a “run of the mill” inquiry into possible billing fraud — as officials described their investigation — the Tennessee...

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott slammed for calling shooting victims ‘illegal immigrants’

Lack of compassion and empathy is key to demonising a population and in many ways a first step in the...

A North Carolina court overrules itself in a case tied to a disputed election theory

What do you when the highest State Court in your land hands down a judgement that the electoral maps are...
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