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What Makes Team SBA So Special? Oct 22, 2020

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What makes team SBA so special? Well, we’re a diverse bunch of specialists who are passionate about what we do! We’re driven by your success. Marli discusses in a bit more detail, please check it out!

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What Makes Team SBA So Special Transcript

This time round, we thought it was a great opportunity to talk about what makes Team SBA so special – our diversity.

Both our extensive combined knowledge base and diverse cultural backgrounds can offer the perspective you may be missing!

We’re passionate about your business – your success drives our own. With our teams based in opposite ends of the world, we’re also expert at working remotely, a fundamental part of outsourcing.

The backbone of our team, based in Kolkata have the nous and acumen to truly support your team however you need it. Whatever the task may be, we have a guru to drive a successful underpinning strategy. The difference in time zones between our locations also has the added benefit of extended hours of coverage! If you have something urgent, let us sort it out overnight!

In Melbourne we have our leadership as well as our world class marketing, legal and word-processing teams.

We have the local knowledge and understanding, which is key to making the entire proposition of outsourcing successful.

Also, considering the nature of legal process outsourcing, a local team also ensures we’re meeting local legal and liability requirements.

When it comes to the SBA experience, cost savings aren’t even the best reason to outsource!

We can offer enhanced productivity and efficiency – that’s dynamic as your volume. We get volume is always changing, we change with you!

Improved staff engagement and fulfillment – we take care of the process work, your people can focus on what they’re passionate about.

Flexibility that will enable better client satisfaction and better serviceability. Our teams can offer round the clock support for all kinds of tasks, giving you the nimble edge over your competitors.

If you’d like to learn more, reach out today!

Keep an eye out our cast next week, we’ll go into some more detail around our teams and what they can specifically do for you!

And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our story from last week about the training investment cycle. Something we can help you not only mitigate, but also grow your capacity without increasing your overheads. You don’t want to miss it.



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