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Managing Change in an LPO Deployment Apr 18, 2018

Pinpointing some ways in which firms can help keep employee morale high whilst integrating legal process outsourcing into their work flows.

Identify reasons for resistance

Employees will react differently to outsourcing depending on their current role in the process. It is important for managers to identify possible issues early, to help avoid any potential clashes that might arise. Some reasons why employees will resist changes include:

• Attachment to the current processes

• People who may have established the way of doing work

• Expectation that workload will increase after implementation of outsourcing

• Fear of reduced roll after implementation

• Staff who are highly knowledgeable about the current system fearing loss of knowledge

Involve Staff In the Process

Experience has shown us organisational change is most successful when staff are consulted not only on the changes, but how they will be implemented. At SBA we recommend taking the time to discuss with staff areas of work in the firm which you are looking to outsource regardless if this is something small or large.

Undertaking this change management together can help alleviate any of the negative stigmas that can be associated when moving processes externally. Outsourcing is meant to help employees achieve the tasks that are most important to them, not hinder them.

Communicate post implementation

It is vital for managers and supervisors to be available to staff to air any grievances or feedback employees might have about these changes, not only to keep morale at a high level, but to flag any more possible efficiencies as they arise.

To ensure employees are committed to these changes, they must be able to recognise the benefits to themselves personally, and to the work processes. After utilising outsourcing for a short amount of time (say a month), you should meet with staff to further discuss these changes. This allows the people using outsourcing to provide feedback about what is working (and what isn’t) so SBA can help improve our processes. We love getting feedback from our clients!

Workplace Champions

We all know change in the workplace can cause uneasiness or uncertainly for employees. Like most things in life there will be two sides of the coin, this will unsettle some employees, some will embrace the unknown. Business leaders should look to identify these employees & attempt to have their enthusiasm and positivity win over some of the doubters. It will be normal for employees to be sceptical of change being “forced from above.” Having someone who they work with day-to-day and will be able to give more specific feedback on how these changes will be a good thing. There are several characteristics that could help pinpoint these leaders in your business:

• Open to New Ideas

• Good Networking & Communication Skills

• High Standing Among Employees

• Risk Takers

• Willing to Work Through Issues with Other Employees

Closing Thoughts

Ultimately, Outsourcing is supposed to help firms innovate the way they use their time. Outsourcing should be used to help free up the most important resource – your people! and enable you to grow your practice.

Brendan Hunt

General Manager

Strategic Business Alliance




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