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Understanding your cost of service Apr 10, 2018

As a business owner, understanding your cost of service is pivotal to your business’ success.

You need to know what you’re worth and also, the cost of delivering your services.

To do this, you need to have an understanding of your workflows and business processes. But when you’re busy working in the business, it’s easy to forget about how to best work on your business.

And when you’re knee-deep in administrative and process-driven tasks, you can be distracted from your most important tasks – client acquisition and fee generation.

We know one of the key challenges for any small and medium sized business owner is getting bogged down in administration and compliance related tasks. This is because most SMEs are comprised of small teams and everyone is stretched too thin.

Between administration, accounting, BAS, compliance, IT, HR and all those miscellaneous business tasks, there is very little time left for you to focus on taking opportunities that will leverage your expertise.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can mitigate risks and free-up critical time for key persons to focus on client work and business growth.

Imagine, the freedom and job enrichment you could gain if you could just outsource all of those process driven (often boring) tasks.

How can you get started?

Our favourite saying is “hasten slowly”.

Start with outsourcing one simple task or project and grow your outsourcing usage as trust is built. You may even discover, over time, your outsourcing team becomes a trusted business partner.

So, it’s time to assess your situation.

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