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What makes a Law Firm Landing Page Design Great? Lawyer Marketing Ideas

The role of a law firm website has evolved beyond representation; it has become a powerful tool for client acquisition. Most of your targeted clients consistently scour the internet for legal insights, seeking information to enhance their understanding of situations they are or might be facing. While your blogs provide necessary legal information, creating dedicated…

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What is a PEXA settlement?

What is PEXA

Since its inception in 2013, PEXA has transformed Australian property transactions, enabling better transparency, accuracy, and efficiency. PEXA has redefined the conveyancing process by seamlessly uniting stakeholders in a secure online workspace for property transactions. PEXA Workspace PEXA workspace is a shared platform for property exchange. Parties come together to organise documentation, including property and…

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Anzac Day 2023 – The Story of Ruby Boye

On Anzac Day we commemorate the story of Ruby Boye – the only female Coast Watcher for the Allies in World War 2. Ruby’s journey began in 1928 when she moved to Tulagi in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate with her husband, Skov Boye. Skov worked as a plantation manager for Lever Brothers, and Ruby…

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Email Management Tips for Lawyers

Emails are heavily used by lawyers and law firms to communicate with clients, other party lawyers and other stakeholders. But as the practice grows, the sheer volume of emails can be overwhelming. Managing, organising, sharing, and referencing emails can be a challenging task. In this guide, we’ll explore what email management entails, why it’s so…

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The invention of the Hard Disk

With the age of Chat GPT and AI upon us, we thought we would look back on some inventions that were groundbreaking. Picture this: it is the 1950s, and computers are still big, clunky machines that take up entire rooms. And if you wanted to store data, you had to use punch cards or paper…

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Ultimate Guide to Outsource Marketing Services for Professional Services Firms

Until a few years ago, professional services firms could rely on their reputations and referral networks to consistently obtain new clients. But today, marketing for professional service organisations like accounting and law firms is rapidly evolving. Organisations are catering to a generation of buyers who have grown up with the Internet. And marketing to such…

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Why Outsource Bookkeeping Services?

Outsourcing bookkeeping services was once a business practice restricted to large companies. However, technological evolution and the modern business environment have made outsourcing more widespread. Such advancement comes in handy when you’re already overburdened with back office tasks, and tasks like bookkeeping further add to your workload. Also, if the accounts are done regularly, it…

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Nonprofit Resiliency During COVID-19 – Executive Insights

Remaining resilient during COVID-19 whilst obvious, is easier said than done. Especially for non for profit organisations where the impacts driven by crisis are some of the hardest felt. We came across this blog from Alexis Haradyn where she summarises the findings of a digital executive roundtable hosted by Blackbaud Canada. Some of the take…

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The Ins and Outsourcing of IT

IT outsourcing isn’t the unknown quantity it’s been in the past, but there remains the question, how or why would it fit into my organisation? Last year the global business process outsourcing market size was valued at In house or outsource? Depending on the size of and complexity of your organization, you might ask, do…

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