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FAQS Any questions?

So you’d like to know more about how outsourcing can unlock productivity and profitability in your firm, team or business? Please reach out to us for a free consultation to find out how. In the meantime, we have provided a few frequently asked questions below.

Where is SBA located?

We have offices and teams based in Melbourne and India. Our board members are also based in Melbourne.

Does your staff have experience working within the Australian legal and regulatory framework?

Definitely, it’s what we do. All our team members, regardless of their location have the required knowledge and experience to complete their assigned tasks. If you’d prefer to just use team members based in Melbourne, that’s OK!  That’s the flexibility our ‘Three Pillars’ model enables.

Does your staff have experience working alongside Australian businesses?

Yes, our staff are currently working with professional firms and businesses Australia and New Zealand wide, from sole traders up to national operators, and are experienced in a variety of softwares across various industries including practice management softwares and SME softwares.

What steps do you take to protect client information?

We have rigorous security protocols in place to manage IT and physical security risks including additional measures in our India operations such as, restricted internet access and restricted use of portable storage devices, encrypted computers, and much more. We also carry insurance covering our operations in Australia and India.

What deployment methods do you offer?

With teams located in both Melbourne and India, we offer customised deployment models of onshore, offshore and blended services, giving you the best of both worlds!

How will we communicate with you?

Primarily via e-mail or over skype, but we’re totally flexible with this! Telephone or video conferences can also easily be organised based on your requirements; speak with us to discuss what you need.

Is there any language barrier in place with the team in India?

The team in India are all proficient in English. This paired with their strong business acumen and enthusiasm to help, they’re up for your task. They’ll interact daily via email, phone calls and conference calls with you. They’re qualified professionals who can assist with the simplest to very complex assignments.

How can I explain outsourcing to our current staff?

We’re not here to replace your current staff, just to help grow your business. Outsourcing offers the opportunity to free up your team’s day to day so they can focus on what they’re passionate about. It’s really a win-win!

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