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Outsource your Marketing part II Jun 3, 2019

Outsourcing Marketing

Last week we looked at when you might need to outsource some or all of your marketing. This time, we look at why. What are the actual benefits that such outsourcing can have?


It’s expensive to have an in-house marketing team. From HR and recruitment, to training and benefits, it is a long, tedious process to find good people. Your needs will also vary depending on your company’s situation.


When there is an event such as a trade show or product launch, you will have all hands on deck as the company pitches in and all other work is at a standstill. If an outsourcing company handles events like this – which can be intensive and draining – your full-time employees can focus on their normal work.


Outsourcing teams with marketing expertise are on top of the most up-to-date tactics and trends. One of the biggest advantages is that they will have a bank of expertise on hand for every area of marketing.

They can engage in multiple disciplines including strategic expertise, consultants to drive the campaigns agreed upon and ensure that they are delivering results, copywriters and designers to create creative, unique and bespoke content, staff with the technical knowledge to develop your website, and SEO specialists to ensure that everything created is discoverable!


Many times you know your company so well you can’t see the bigger picture for all the work you’re doing in the trenches.

When you are close to your business and passionate about it, it can be hard to view it objectively and see what needs to be done to grow. You may also be reluctant to step away from the tried and tested, or unsure of what will work for your business.

It can be eye opening to have an outside agency take a look at your marketing plans to find new and innovative ideas you haven’t thought of. Fresh eyes can bring clarity!

SBA BPO can look at your marketing strategy and offer solutions and a team to improve your ROI. Get in touch today and consider us for stand-alone campaigns or general and long-term marketing strategy.



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