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Outsourcing Checklist II: Working with your Partner May 1, 2019

Last week we looked at what you need to consider before choosing an outsourcing partner.

In order to have a smooth working relationship with your new provider, you will need to prepare and make sure that all parties clearly understand their responsibilities and goals.

So, you will need to:

  1. Let your provider know your expectations
  2. Make your provider aware of instructions that are required for the task completion.
  3. Verify the task completion process or plan, particularly project dates if appropriate
  4. Give the provider room to handle the task as per the instructions.
  5. Provide feedback on project completion

Adequate supervision is vital.

While outsourcing legal work is supposed to relieve and offload you off some duties, that does not imply that your firm can simply send the work directly back to the clients. Instead someone must be responsible for monitoring the outsourced team handling his/her legal work. This can be more difficult when a firm is working with an overseas team.

However, frequent communication and conducting a rigorous background check can keep you on the safe side as far as your legal work is concerned. After all, once your firm is given any particular legal work, the work is ultimately your responsibility. To reap the benefits of outsourcing you have to ensure that you keep a keen eye on your clients work lest you end up losing business.

Suitable for a long-term?

After the trial period with the outsourced provider, you are in a better position to determine whether they are a good fit for your firm in the long run. Do they meet your outsourcing needs or not?

Like employees, not all providers will turn out to be a good fit. If the first provider falls short of your expectation don’t give up but move onto the next. You will be surprised to find out that some providers will even give more than you expected. Just do your research and you will find them.

How do you determine that a company is worth working with for a long-term?

  • They provide timely deliverables.
  • They keep you abreast of problems and challenges
  • The partner has reliable and friendly customer service
  • They make an effort to resolve issues.
  • The outsourcer keeps their word in offering the agreed upon services.
  • They are flexible and allow clients to adjust their plans
  • They have no hidden practices or processes.

Consider Scaling

Is everything working well for you? Can the outsourcing partner provide more and even offer suggestions for scaling? Your partner should be working with you and have your company’s growth in mind. Their perspective on growing your company might be exactly what you need!

If you desire to outsourcing but aren’t so sure of where to start, give SBA Legal a call. We can look at your business needs and offer a turnkey solution that may include individuals, teams and onshore and offshore resources.


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