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What is a PEXA settlement? Jan 12, 2024

What is PEXA

Since its inception in 2013, PEXA has transformed Australian property transactions, enabling better transparency, accuracy, and efficiency. PEXA has redefined the conveyancing process by seamlessly uniting stakeholders in a secure online workspace for property transactions.

PEXA Workspace

PEXA workspace is a shared platform for property exchange. Parties come together to organise documentation, including property and settlement instruments. A new workspace is created for each transaction, accommodating multiple land titles. The workspace facilitates conveyancing settlement, allowing each party to contribute relevant information. It ensures the successful exchange of documents and funds, marking the completion of the settlement.

Key features of a PEXA Workspace include:

  • Conversations Facility: Facilitating communication among transaction participants, this feature ensures seamless information exchange. Whether discussing missing documents or adjusting settlement dates, the conversation tool enhances collaboration.
  • Real-time Updates: Parties can monitor the progress of settlement, ensuring visibility into the exchange of documents and funds. It serves as a centralised hub for all transaction-related activities

Digital Convenience: A Game-Changer in Conveyancing

For millions of Australians navigating property transactions, PEXA is a welcomed evolution. The ease of managing processes securely and efficiently through a digital platform has become a given of the current conveyancing experience.

In PEXA, the transmission of money occurs within the workspace. The party with access to the required funds, be it a bank, law firm, or conveyancing business, initiates the transfer. Funds may originate from a borrower’s loan account, a trust account, or the PEXA Source Account.

The purchaser’s legal representative typically initiates the PEXA settlement. However, vendors’ representatives can also commence the process. Invitations to the workspace are extended to other transaction parties, providing them access to relevant details and facilitating collaboration.

PEXA access is exclusive to authorised subscribers, including legal practitioners, licensed conveyancers, mortgagees, and others with formal conveyancing roles. This restricted access ensures the security and integrity of the platform.

Understanding Electronic Settlement: A Paradigm Shift in Conveyancing

The surge in electronic conveyancing adoption has reshaped the landscape for lawyers, licensed conveyancers, and financial institutions. This secure digital platform allows the preparation, signing, and lodging of all necessary legal documentation for property transfer and financial settlement.

PEXA’s Pioneering Role

PEXA, established in 2013 as the first electronic lodgement platform, played a pivotal role in the digital transformation of conveyancing. The platform caters to various processes, including preparing electronic dealings, digital settlement, and electronic lodgment of documents to state-based land registry offices.

National Adoption of Digital Conveyancing

The adoption of digital conveyancing gained momentum across Australian states and territories. Mandates in states like Victoria and New South Wales make electronic conveyancing necessary for property transactions. The once-standard paper settlements are becoming almost entirely obsolete.

In Western Australia, electronic conveyancing is mandated for eligible transactions, with traditional paper settlements offered in exceptional circumstances. Similar mandates exist in South Australia, with Tasmania gearing up for the inevitable shift.

SBA’s PEXA Workspace Management Services

SBA offers a seamless collaboration between your in-house conveyancing team and the SBA Away-Team, which can help you navigate the transactional ins and outs within the PEXA space. Your valuable time can now be redirected towards more strategic endeavours.

Here’s a look at the tasks our adept team can seamlessly handle:

  1. Opening PEXA Workspace: Initiating the groundwork for a smooth conveyancing process.
  2. Inviting Transaction Parties: Streamlining communication and collaboration within the PEXA environment.
  3. Preparing Transfer Documents: Ensuring meticulous preparation for a flawless transaction.

Whether navigating through adjustments and payments or liaising with relevant authorities, Team SBA is always ready to support your in-house team. From updating rate figures through direct interactions with council and water offices to capturing outstanding amounts in Vendor destination Line items, Team SBA aims to create a symphony of efficiency.

With rates starting from $15 per hour plus GST for the SBA Away-Team based in India, our tailored packages cater to your unique needs. We not only provide on-the-tap assistance with any part of the PEXA and conveyancing support process but also identify opportunities where you can optimise your time and resources.

For more information, contact us today.


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