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What is Legal Process Outsourcing and why should lawyers outsource? Dec 20, 2022


It’s no secret that the legal profession can be quite stressful. Most lawyers have to spend long hours on their cases and work overtime to perfect the tiniest of detail. Managing cases of all shapes and sizes, drafting court documents, checking and responding to emails, and attending an endless stream of meetings can be quite overwhelming for the lawyers of your firm. Legal process outsourcing (LPO) is a growing trend in the legal industry that offers to ease these challenges. Outsourcing legal services allows you to have greater efficiency, cost savings, and access to specialised expertise.

Outsourcing Legal Services is a practice formally known as Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) where as a corporate entity, you hire an external organisation for its legal and allied services. LPO companies like SBA offer various services, including legal research, document review, contract drafting, and more. As these tasks are often time-consuming, outsourcing them allows your company’s attorneys to concentrate on increasing client satisfaction, core competencies, and business expansion. Additionally, offshore outsourcing to India gives you access to a specialised talent pool at a competitive price and helps your firm to increase its profit margin further.

Reduce Overhead expenses: Outsource Legal Services to reduce your overhead expenses and free up your in-house staff to focus on more high-value work. LPO companies often have lower labour costs and can provide services at a lower rate than in-house staff, consequently increasing your deployment cost savings.

Access to specialised expertise: Many LPO companies have teams of highly trained professionals who are experts in specific areas of the law, such as intellectual property or corporate law. Such a team acts as an extension of your in-house, resulting in better-quality work with improved outcomes.

Reducing Internal Team’s Burden:  By outsourcing process driven legal work, your firm can free up its in-house staff to focus on more important work, allowing them to complete tasks faster and more efficiently.

Better Management of Large-Scale Projects: Outsourcing legal services is also valuable for managing large-scale projects. LPO companies can provide you with a team of trained professionals in the latest technologies and processes, allowing for efficient and accurate handling of large volumes of your firm’s work.

Despite the many benefits of LPO, there are also some potential challenges and concerns. One of the main concerns is protecting your firm’s confidentiality and sensitive information. Hence before finalising an LPO provider, you should check the:

Company’s Track Record: A solid background of satisfied clients with a proven track record of delivering quality services ensures that an investment into the company might yield fruitful results for your firm. 

Company’s Infrastructure: The provider needs to be resourceful and has a robust infrastructure like the latest tools and technology, an experienced team and adequate  cybersecurity facilities. A strong infrastructure will give you the confidence to trust the company with your data and time.

Company’s Pricing Policy: It’s essential to check whether the LPO provider’s pricing gives you the required extra margin to increase your firm’s profits.

As a law firm, you can outsource a wide range of tasks and processes to a Legal Process Outsourcing provider. Some of them include:

  • Litigation Support
  • Conveyancing work
  • Research and Paralegal Support
  • Drafting and Document Review Work
  • Contract Management Support
  • Trust Accounting and Accounting Support
  • Admin Support
  • Marketing Support

As your outsourcing partner, SBA gives access to dedicated teams for Admin and Marketing to Legal and Conveyancing tasks. Each team at SBA acts as an extension of your in-house team and strives to create quality solutions for your law firm. So get a wide range of support from Team SBA and increase the valuation of your firm.


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