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Overwhelming Workloads of General Counsels

Workload of General Councils

According to new research from Axiom, Australian general counsels (GCs) are grappling with overwhelming workloads, inadequate resources, stress, and discontent. The research surveyed 300 GCs in Australia from companies with over US$350 million in annual revenue across 20 sectors.
Notably, 79% of respondents found their workload “unmanageable,” and 76% felt their teams were under-resourced. Almost half (48%) expressed dissatisfaction with their current roles, and a staggering 96% reported feeling stressed. These challenges arise from navigating budget cuts and hiring freezes while managing increasingly complex legal matters.
The survey also revealed scepticism among GCs about both law firms and internal hires addressing their resourcing concerns. In the face of economic uncertainty, 72% of GCs experienced budget cuts, leading to a rise in the volume and complexity of legal issues for their teams.
61% believed that hiring freezes were likely to continue, with 12% confirming such freezes within their teams. This environment of pressure and limitations has led to concerns about the capabilities of legal teams to address current or anticipated legal needs.
In this demanding legal landscape, burnout is a common concern for lawyers. To counter this, Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) solutions offer not only cost-effective benefits but also the flexibility needed to alleviate this pressure. When the stakes are high, GCs can rely on outsourcing teams to handle mundane, process-driven tasks, allowing them to focus on client-centric tasks that truly add value and reduce stress.
Since 2010, Team SBA has provided tailored outsourcing solutions that seamlessly integrate with your in-house team. Our proficiency spans legal and regulatory frameworks across various states, and we’re well-versed in Australian law firms’ major practice management software. By partnering with Team SBA, GCs can offload administrative burdens and ensure their in-house teams can work more efficiently and effectively.
Let us support your legal operations and empower your team to thrive.

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