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Away-Team celebrates 77th Independence Day in India

India Independence Day

Celebrating the 77th Independence Day in India, the SBA family is proud to share the spirit of freedom and resilience that echoes through the heart of our Away-Team. Today, as the Away-team hoists the tricolour flag, we remember countless individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice, who fought not only for themselves but for generations to come. Their strong commitment is an inspiration for all.

As we celebrate, Team SBA revisits a defining moment in India’s freedom struggle that stands tall in the pages of history – Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt March, also known as the Dandi March. This iconic act of resistance wasn’t merely about salt; it was a poignant representation of unity, determination, and peaceful protests.

The Dandi March, undertaken in 1930, was a remarkable act of civil disobedience and nonviolent protest against British colonial rule. This peaceful protest was a powerful assertion of India’s self-reliance and sovereignty, as it directly challenged the oppressive salt tax imposed by the British government. It exemplified the strength that arises when individuals choose to build rather than tear down. The act of making salt was an assertion of India’s right to control its resources, livelihoods, and destiny.

The Salt March was a call to action that resonated not only within India but around the world. It drew international attention to the struggle for independence and ignited a global conversation about freedom, justice, and the power of peaceful protest.

As we celebrate this significant day, we’re reminded that the road to success is paved with determination, much like Gandhi’s path during the Salt March. It is an important reminder, inspiring us to be constructive contributors, to work together for progress, and to uphold the ethical values that pave the way for a brighter future. #IndependenceDay #SBA #UnityInDiversity #Inspiration

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