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Personalized IT: Beyond Call Centers May 6, 2019

Business Process Outsourcing

The call center is a pillar of the customer service management sector, ensuring the specific needs of customers concerning products and services are met effectively and quickly. Traditionally, most business use telephones as a connection tool with customers. These services are offered in call centre solutions, which include inbound, outbound, virtual, and blended.

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has, however, has led to a paradigm shift in the call centre. While AI is not ideal for absolute replacement of human workers, businesses have adopted it to be incorporated with human agents in order to improve effectiveness within the outsourcing companies.

Artificial intelligence technologies have personalized call center services.

Contact centres use AI to leverage computer-based learning programs and algorithms to mimic human activities, for process automation, and delivery of the effortless end-user experience. There are several AI technologies that are implemented in a contact center such as Chatbot, robotic process automation, text messaging, agent performance enhancement, order processing, and fulfillment and supervised learning. These features can handle almost all the responsibilities in a call center. They are not aimed at replacing human agents but rather leveraging agents and customer experience to work effectively together.

The above-mentioned technologies employ different techniques for AI. Some include text to speech conversion, automated speech recognition, human-like voice, and data management. In text to speech conversion, AI is used to convert CRM data that is in text form to speech form irrespective of the pitch and rate of the speech. This conversion is used to identify and solve customer problems.

AI helps to read intricate numbers such as price codes and pins and also understands languages from different regions in which the human agents are limited.

In addition, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) helps automated speech recognition to understand the customer and his problem. This helps in filtering calls based on importance.

Again all the voices recorded by AI system sounds like a human voice making a client to perceive an AI call as if from a human agent. This ensures there is a personal touch and the customer does not feel like he/she is talking to a robot. Lastly, AI helps in data management by storing data in a form of number and texts even after converting data into audio

Most call center solutions use artificial intelligence in analysis since it can help identify patterns over months, weeks and hours. When trends are observed over a period of time, they can be used to analyze questions asked by customers in relation to the business.

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