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For Business Owners Business Process Outsourcing

Giving you the time to focus on your business by creating outsourcing strategies to help you reduce costs and increase work efficiency

We give you the time to focus on your business by creating outsourcing strategies to help you reduce costs and increase work efficiency.

Your business’s cost savings aren’t even the best reason to outsource. SBA’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions deliver so much more.

  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency that’s as dynamic as your volumes. We get that volume is always changing, we change with you!
  • Improved staff engagement and fulfilment - we take care of the process work, your people can focus on what they’re passionate about.
  • Flexibility that will enable better client satisfaction and better serviceability. Our teams can offer round the clock support for all kinds of tasks, giving you the nimble edge over your competitors.

We’re there for your business, to save you time, money and to support your people. Whether you’re a sole proprietor, mid-sized or large corporate, we recognise your uniqueness and customise a bespoke solution that works for you.


IT Support

Highly secure IT support to make sure your business data is well protected and backed up.



Innovative administrative management to accelerate your business effectiveness and growth.



Utilise outstanding marketing tactics to generate sales and grow your online presence.



Effectively meeting your accounting and bookkeeping needs to keep you up-to-date and operating smoothly.


Small Businesses and Sole Traders

We love helping the guys who really need us! We think it’s great that you’ve chosen to work at something you’re passionate about, and helping to make it a success is where we come in.

How does your own IT, accounting and digital marketing team sound? Expensive? Not necessarily! We can provide all these services and more, for much less than employing your own team.

If you outsource some of the tasks you find time consuming and frustrating, it’s what’s known as a positive opportunity cost. We complete the tasks you don’t want to do, leaving you the time for the stuff that’s important. Result? Fewer time constraints and a morale boost for you and your team. Sounds like a win-win, right?

Medium Sized Businesses

Who doesn’t want better engaged teams and an edge over competitors? A medium sized business can benefit greatly from outsourcing! We can help improve your efficiency by freeing up your people so they can focus on the most important part, what you’re passionate about. And when work volumes are fluctuating precariously, using our solutions has a massive cost benefit over hiring full-time staff. Whether it’s accounting, IT, marketing or admin, we’ve got the support you need.

We drive significant advantages for you. Speed and efficiencies of your processes are enhanced; you get access to the latest technology including robotic processing and AI. Furthermore, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose how and when you want to work with us. You’ll also get quick and accurate reporting and save on resources related to staffing and training.


Large Corporations and Listed Entities

We can support you in so many ways, offering flexibility, improved output of work and the competitive advantage and financial gains outsourcing can provide.

Our team is dynamic with both volume and timing. We work directly with your teams, enabling you to react to the ever-changing market. By outsourcing processes that aren’t core to your business, you and your people can focus on what you’re passionate about.

Our people know process - it’s what we do. We commit to the highest possible quality and performance to your task, and we get a kick out of it. We’re focused and take pride in being able to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your process.

All this bundled with the savings to your business makes it an easy decision. Not only completing the task at a lower cost to you but also improving efficiency in your teams and providing access to tech that may have been off your radar. There’s also an opportunity for tax savings, so chat with us today!

Data Analytics Services

Time is money, right? Working efficiently, planning your day, maximising your time are all great ways to save money for your business, but you can take things further!

The role of a Business Analyst is to help businesses improve processes and offerings by understanding how your organisation works through a data-driven and systematic approach. But what does that actually mean?

Essentially throughout the analysis process, they can identify problems and opportunities then offer practical solutions. The aim isn’t to totally change the way you do things. The approach is balanced - considering what’s technically feasible and reasonable from a financial and functionality perspective.

The functions and activities of our Business Analysts are broad but tailored for the organisation we’re working with - Business Process Design helps identify inefficiencies in the process driving strategic cost reduction.

By defining a formal problem statement, we can document scope for IT initiatives, evaluate your vendors and recommend the right solutions for your organisation.


Our Process How does it work?

Here's what you can expect when you engage the SBA team.


STEP 1 Meeting

Exploratory meeting with SBA management to discuss business requirements and identify potential areas for support.


STEP 2 Dedicated Job e-mail

Our IT team will then create a dedicated email for your team to assign work and communicate directly with the relevant SBA teams.


STEP 3 Induction

We organise an induction session with yourself and your team to familiarise team SBA with your workflow processes. This is done over Zoom/Go To Meeting.


STEP 4 Start Assigning Work

Individual employees can now use the job e-mail to assign jobs around the clock. Our team completes the work either remotely inside your system or outside of it and liaise with your staff directly to address any queries.


STEP 5 Work Is Returned To In-house Team

Work is completed by SBA away team and relevant in-house team members are notified.

We are constantly reviewing our internal processes to help maximise efficiency on work assigned.

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