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How to use business outsourcing for growth May 16, 2016

The discussion around outsourcing beyond a work task and for business growth is now really building momentum in the business world. However, historically, outsourcing was only referred to by business leaders as a means to getting more work done in a cost effective way.

You hear: Don’t waste your cost of service on your bookkeeping; outsource it. Don’t waste your time on designing a Facebook banner; outsource it. Don’t waste your brainpower on writing an article… well you get the idea.

But as a business delivering high quality Business Process Outsourcing, we find what clients – and the general marketplace – don’t understand is that business outsourcing can (and should) be used as a strategic business growth tool.

Be it good or bad, we know there are many platforms that facilitate a factory-like approach to outsourcing. Simply post the job you can’t do and/or don’t have time to do, and in comes a flurry of candidates keen to do the task for you.

Easy. Right?

Rarely. Because using a freelancer or resource on an adhoc basis can actually add to the time impost involved in delegating, training and upskilling an individual to suit the task at hand.

Finding a freelancer who wants to commit to being your go-to, reliable worker is easier said than done.

We make no apologies to being nothing like these platforms. Whilst we understand the above platforms are suitable for some businesses, we also know that our clients benefit from our very different approach.

Instead of being your irregular provider, we become strategic business partners with our clients so that you and your team benefits fro, our services on a more ongoing basis.

We’re all for using outsourcing as a means to freeing up workload, in fact, it is one of our value propositions. But we can deliver so much more value if you view outsourcing as an opportunity to align with a team professionals who can uncover many ways to grow your business.

We see ourselves as business partners with our clients, regularly doing the work requested but also taking note of how you are processing certain work tasks and providing ongoing advice about how you can improve efficiencies and workflow to increase your output.

So how can you use business outsourcing beyond your task (to do) list and instead as a tool for business growth?

Here are some ideas to consider to increase your businesses growth:

• Gain a fresh, professional perspective by having us review your current workflows and processes for increased efficiency;

• Allow us to document your work practices for quality control and increased security – vital for any business succession plan;

• Let us tell you about the tools that you can implement to better utilise technology in your business; and

• Meet with our IT professionals who can help your team better perform their duties and assist with any computer and online issues.

This is just the tip of the iceberg…

It takes a personal approach; meeting with each client to understand their needs and objectives, staff processes and culture, and values. Only then can we develop a plan to best partner with you and help you grow.

If you would like to learn more about how Strategic Business Alliance can partner with your business or professional practice for growth, please 



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