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Create an impact with SBA and B1G1 Mar 28, 2022

Create an impact with SBA and B1G1

Circumstances like pandemics and war really help us reflect on what’s important to us. Here at SBA, we’re devoted to genuinely having a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Since we’re so diverse, our strong sense of social responsibility drives us to support communities and people all over the globe.

With this vital goal in mind, we’ve proudly partnered with B1G1.

B1G1 operates on the premise of “buy one, give one”. In 2007, B1G1 began with a fundamental thought: “What if every business could make a difference in their way, just by doing what they normally do?” With more than ten years of work, this primary thought has now turned into a worldwide movement.

Every B1G1 project is broken down into small quantifiable impacts, so you can see how as little as 1 cent can make all the difference. B1G1’s model uses Giving Stories – these are driven by linking regular business activity such as bringing on a new client to a micro-impact. And together, these micro-impacts create a fundamental change in our world.

How does SBA work to make a more significant impact?

We at SBA believe in making a more significant impact with whatever we do. That’s why we have a particular way to work with our clients.

Existing Clients

Whenever our existing and long-term clients give us a higher volume of work beyond engagement thresholds, we create a measurable impact. The higher the additional volume, the more significant the effect we will create. A certain percentage from work is used to make a considerable difference in the under privilege lives.

New Clients

When we partner with new clients, we create an impact to make a meaningful difference. But, the best part, we’ll share this with you through B1G1’s platform so you can see the change you’re making.

We have made some significant impacts on the lives of people. We’ve worked for the nutrition of the kids in need by providing them nutritious meals and daily doses of milk or vitamins to supplement their diet.

We’ve supported education projects by helping in infrastructure, spreading life-changing education, providing them with transportation means to go to school or even providing them with lunch for school.

We believe that small steps make significant differences, so we have provided basic amenities like water and electricity. Care for the environment should be one of the primary sustainable goals of every business. Hence, we also try to make an impact with forestation.

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