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Complimentary CPD Seminar Series from SBA Dec 9, 2018

CPD Seminars for law firms and other professional practices

Partha and Brendan work closely with a lot of businesses and service providers, working in various industries throughout Australia and New Zealand. This gives us the opportunity to see how various businesses operate. These insights often get drawn upon to provide anecdotal information that we use to help our clients improve their business operations.

To share these insights, we are pleased to offer a range of seminars and webinars on various topics such as:

• Cyber security – user awareness training

• Harnessing LPO to improve report formatting and document automation

• Improving your conveyancing process through LPO

• Practice management platform migration – insights from a non-sales perspective

• Moving to the cloud – Office 365 migrations

These seminars and webinars are often eligible for professional development points or hours which can be of great benefit

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