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Work Smarter not Harder May 30, 2019

Maximize your Profits

Work Smarter, not Harder with Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing

Did your parents or teachers always tell you that working hard will always achieve your goals? At what point did you realise that this is simplistic and doesn’t always work?

Efficiency, productivity and tenaciousness are possibly more important to business than hard work. Desire is another one…working hard on something you love – and are good at – is a lot easier and more productive than working equally hard at something you dislike.

We’ve spent plenty of time outlining the benefits offered by outsourcing ranging from reduced cost and to faster service deployment, high access to innovative ideas as well as increased flexibility.

To make this achievable, a legal firm has to critically decide what needs to be delegated and why?

You could start by utilising the suggestions of Lex Tech Review CEO, Chelsey Lambert. Break down your tasks into groups:

a) the tasks you enjoy

b) the tasks you hate

c) tasks loved by others

d) tasks hated by others.

Its now easy to identify what you as a lawyer can (and wish to) handle and what you can delegate. You don’t need to delegate what you enjoy and tackle what you dislike!

In fact it’s easy to delegate every other task and do what you are good at and enjoy. For instance, you may wish to outsource accounting, receptionist services, IT, paralegals, among others.

The next smart move to have the help you maximize profit with outsourcing is to determine your key motivation. Knowing the reason behind your outsourcing legal services and what you expect as the end result is very key. While at times you may want to outsource so as to increase productivity, other times time refrains may force you to it. For instance, when working with a fast-approaching deadline you may opt to outsource an expert to help you with the work.

The third smart outsourcing move is to determine the way in which you are going to outsource. You will definitely need to research different outsourcing options – including offshore and onshore – before making a decision. Another important thing you will have to consider is whether to go for an agency or a contractor. While contractors may be a little bit cheaper, they may lack a wide array of expertise and experience compared to an outsourcing agency. Nevertheless, freelancers can be more flexible in their terms of service.

Other important considerations in order to get more out of legal outsourcing are the kind of partnership you want with your outsourcing company. Is it short or long-term? Before getting into a long term contract perhaps take a limited package through which you can determine their efficiency.

Reap the benefits of legal outsourcing and work smarter!

Contact SBA Legal anytime with your outsourcing questions.


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