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Why outsource and what exactly is it? Nov 9, 2017

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a way in which businesses can get work done without having to have someone internally perform the work.

The benefits of outsourcing, and using SBA, include:

• enhanced productivity and efficiencies to suit an increase in volume

• improved staff retention and job satisfaction

• client satisfaction and better serviceability

“Since using SBA, we have been able to increase our workflow two-fold whilst not putting any extra pressure on our staff – in fact, our staff are much happier now as they have greater support in carrying out their roles.” Trevor, Law Firm*

*Names changed for confidentiality reasons

Enhanced productivity

The primary advantage of outsourcing with us is enhanced productivity and efficiencies. We can achieve this by helping you change how the work is processed and performed, to increase the volume of work that can be carried out on a daily basis.

Case study: a recent example of how one of our clients has been able to improve productivity

Sarah from Best Law* had a noticeable increase in the demand for conveyancing work. She was struggling to get her staff to keep up with demand and one of her conveyancing clerks, Lucy*, started hinting that she’d need to be paid overtime to keep up with the volume of work. Sarah contacted SBA and commenced outsourcing some of her conveyancing work to SBAs onshore team in Melbourne. Lucy now controls the matter management and client-facing side of the work and directs nearly all of the drafting to SBAs onshore conveyancing team. By using this service, Sarah has been able to meet an increase in work in this area, limit her overheads (as she hasn’t had to pay Lucy overtime or put on extra staff herself) and improve client service – as Lucy is now more available to focus on answering client calls and queries. This change in workflow has led to an increase in referrals (clients are speaking so highly of Lucy’s attention and care) and the ability for Best Law to meet this demand. Sarah is now looking at other ways to utilise outsourcing for her business.

*Names changed for confidentiality reasons

Improved staff retention and job satisfaction

Whilst staff may initially fear the introduction of outsourcing, and a change in workflow, people quickly realise that the SBA outsourcing team is there to help – not hinder. This is because outsourcing is a way to enrich the lives of staff, and increase their job satisfaction.

By identifying the process-based (often boring) work, and assessing work that can be performed by someone remotely, your staff can be freed up to focus on more of the interesting or complex work that needs to be done in-person or via a tailored approach.

We work with our clients and help facilitate workshops with team members to help identify the tasks that can be outsourced to free them up to focus on the more important work at hand. In this way, we empower your team and make them feel a part of this new and exciting process. With the right buy-in, you’ll be surprised at how easy the outsourcing transition can be.

“When my boss told me that we were going to be using SBA I was really nervous about what this would mean for my job. I was even quite defensive in the initial workshop with SBA. But now that the system has been put in place, I’m the biggest promoter of the service! I actually use the SBA team more than anyone else, because it frees me up to focus on managing the files and dealing with staff and client queries, which is the part of my role that I really enjoy.” Karen, Personal Assistant.

Client satisfaction and better serviceability

When you outsource work, you enable your staff the time and freedom to truly focus on looking after your clients.

During our workshops, we help your staff to identify the tasks and duties that are “back-end” and those that are “client-facing”. In this way, we help your team work out what they can outsource versus what you want them to focus on to ensure that clients are getting the best out of your people.

If your staff are freed up to spend time talking to your clients, promptly answering their queries (whether online or over the phone), making them feel looked after and a priority, this will improve your client satisfaction and enable better serviceability.

“While delivering an outstanding experience may vary in complexity between practice areas, and types of law, customer and client experience remains critical to improving brand reputation, market share and increasing profitability. With greater competition in the marketplace, your client-facing performance has to be of the highest quality to distinguish you from the rest.” Carl White, CXINLAW

Let’s get started!

If you’d like to further understand how outsourcing can work for your business,


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