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What Is A White Label Service? Dec 3, 2020

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We talk a lot about white label and how it can help you punch above your weight – but what is it exactly? Amanda has all the details!

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What Is A White Label Service? Transcript

White Label – the word comes up a lot in what we do in SLS. So what is SLS White Label?

White Label is all about supporting your brand with access to resources that may be difficult or not cost effective to generally obtain.  For us at SLS, white label enables us to compliment and support your team all whilst promoting and protecting your branding to your end clients. But what does this actually mean?

With our white label offering we complete

work for your clients under your own brand. Imagine having an ability to be immediately nimble without having to prematurely scale your operation. Project your firm as a bigger entity than it is and confidently win that larger project!

From your clients perspective, SLS IS your team. We speak to your clients, we use your email domain all without increasing your fixed costs of a larger office or more fixed staff.

In an increasingly competitive market, SLS White Label is your critical competitive tool. Want to know more about how SLS White label solutions can supercharge your practice? Get in touch today to enquire.

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