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PEXA Workspace Management

Did you know the SBA Away-Team can work seamlessly with your in-house conveyancing team and perform tasks within the Pexa space? The conveyancing process through PEXA has a lot of transactional yet essential steps that take time – time your team could be spending on something more valuable!

Some of the tasks we’re currently assisting our clients with:
1️⃣ Opening PEXA Workspace
2️⃣ Inviting Transaction Parties
3️⃣ Preparing Transfer Documents

Starting from $15 per hour plus GST for the SBA India team, our experience enables us to tailor a package to your specific needs, which means on-the-tap assistance with any part of the PEXA and conveyancing support process! If you’re unsure, we can also help identify the “low-hanging fruit” opportunities where you can save time and money in conveyancing processes.

Contact us now to discuss how we can supercharge your conveyancing team and capacity!

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