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Precedent at SBA Nov 19, 2020

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This week meet our Precedent team! But what can they do to support your firm?

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Precedent at SBA

Practice Managers in law firms, how long does your team spend on formatting and automating word documents?

Is there always a pile of documents that need stylising in the firm’s style guide?

How about coding documents with form fields if you are e.g using LEAP or using a coding software like Soft Docs/ Hot Docs?

At SBA, we have a team of Precedent gurus who are experts in all things MS Word, coding in practice management softwares like LEAP and Practice Evolve (with Soft Docs) and all things precedent and stylising.

Our law firm clients currently use the SBA precedent team for formatting raw documents, automating clause references and table of contents throughout large documents, coding precedents in LEAP and Soft Docs and also converting PDF documents to Word with necessary styling.

Formatting and coding documents is not on the list of most popular tasks for any legal practice large or small!

So if you have that large pile of documents that need some serious precedent and formatting TLC then reach out to team SBA and explore how our precedent gurus can make those tedious tasks disappear and produce high quality documents styled in your firm’s style guide.


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