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Practice Management Systems Nov 19, 2020

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Practice management systems, their features and scope is as diverse as our clients!

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Practice management systems, their features and scope is as diverse as our clients!

Be it LEAP, Action Step, Practice Evolve, Affinity, Silk, Law Master or anything else, through our wide experience here at SLS, we’ve probably used it.

So what practice management system does your firm use? Are you getting the most out of it’s features? Does it have the level of scope you require, or is the complexity drowning out the features that matter to you?

Practice management systems have many uses – for a host of task. Practice management systems are not only helpful, it would be impossible to run a practice without one. Although having one in place doesn’t necessarily translate into time savings for your practice. The required depth of knowledge of the system’s full features and functionalities can be a real hurdle. For smaller teams, often be a bigger challenge.

Every system has its features and quirks – an in-depth knowledge of the system is a key part of enhancing productivity within the practice, so ensuring your team are experts with your system is a sound investment!

Speak with us today for help with a deeper understanding of what’s possible with your practice management system. We can also help where you’re looking to change the system you use. For some great insight and objective advice we can connect you with one of our clients who use what you’re looking to switch too. Our experienced team can also help find the system that best meets your needs

Stay tuned for future casts from us here at SLS, and don’t forget to check out our previous one where I talk about impacts from COVID and how we can help your firm, team and sole traders to the other side of the tunnel.



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