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Outsourcing for Recruitment Firms Jul 5, 2022


The booming market of the Australian recruitment industry is currently employing more than 13 million people and is supported by almost 7000 recruitment services (Report from Australia’s Department of Employment). The growth in the industry is accompanied by enormous competition for staffing. As recruitment firms are under constant pressure to source candidates, the need to decrease operational costs has been critical to survive and thrive in the current volatile economic conditions.

Forward-looking recruitment firms face various challenges ranging from candidate management to admin management. The time and resources spent on administration and back-office processes decrease the profit margin. Hence, today along with large companies, even small companies adopt flexible outsourcing options. Outsourcing models help organisations to focus on higher productivity and higher ROI.

A perfect recruitment strategy comes with layers of scrutiny and admin work. Adopting a hybrid resourcing model can help recruitment firms to focus on the core business goals and delegate the admin and back-office processes to the outsourcing team. Under such a deployment model, the internal team focuses on the candidate’s core evaluation and compatibility while the outsourced team takes care of the admin work like research, compliance check, CV formatting, data mining etc.

What kind of recruitment services be outsourced?

Compliance and Admin Tasks

  • CV Formatting

Resume formatting is one of those draining admin tasks that take a lot of time which could have been devoted to strategic business roles. But, as they say, time is money; hence outsourcing resume formatting tasks can help the in-house team focus more on the topline recruitment strategy of the candidates and replace the extra time-in-hand with client-focused tasks.

  • Database and Portal Management

Recruiting database is a key asset for every recruiting firm which needs routine work from team members to keep updated. Outsourcing the updates to this database to an outsourced team ensures more regular updates and quicker response times for candidate requirements by the dint of a cleansed database. The team at SBA assists recruitment firms with database and portal management tasks in a variety of industry-specific softwares.

  • Compliance and Regulatory Checks

Most recruitment firms spend a lot of time managing and checking their candidates’ pre-employment backgrounds. Conducting a compliance check of every candidate and evaluating their profile as per their client’s requirements can be an uphill task for an existing over-worked internal team. 

Outsourcing compliance check activities can help the in-house team reduce their burden and allow them to focus on other core business tasks.

Talent Sourcing Tasks

  • Market Mapping

One of the recruitment firm’s important tasks is analysing the client’s employment market and the key employee status of the client’s competitors. This is a crucial step as it gives an idea of the different skills and talent the competitors have and how the firm can find similar talent sources for their clients. This is another area where recruitment firms can optimise processes by partnering with an outsourcing company and using their help in market mapping. While the in-house team is busy formulating strategies to build the ideal team for their clients based on their business goals, the outsourcing team can help develop the mapping report based on the current talent landscape.

  • Talent Search and Headhunting

Sourcing a list of potential candidates through various digital and traditional job portals as a part of the pre-screening recruitment process can be another scope to outsource. This saves the recruitment firm time where they don’t have to go through an overloaded pile of applications. With the help of an outsourcing team, they get help in compiling the list of shortlisted candidates for their clients.

Enhance your recruitment firm’s workflows with SBA

Team SBA current works with recruitment firms across a wide array of support processes. The SBA team complements the in-house team and provides a critical competitive edge to the recruitment firm. Recruitment firms leverage team SBA to scale operations without incrementally increasing fixed costs. Firms also enjoy the benefit of expanded coverage from our India team till 10 PM AEST leveraging the time difference. Explore how your recruitment firm can benefit from SBA’s recruitment process outsourcing solutions


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