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Outsourcing For Law Firms Over Christmas Dec 9, 2018

With the Christmas break getting closer and closer, law firms are a hive of activity with clients wanting everything done before the Christmas break!

At SBA we find that during this time of the year our law firm clients think of the large, tedious projects that they can assign to be done over the Christmas break

These may be projects which are too big to be done during the year, or the opportunity cost of utilising the in-house team may be too high.

By assigning these projects to team SBA, law firms make effective use of their ‘down time’ during the holiday closure and come back in the new year with some large items ticked of the to-do list.

What these projects look like varies from firm to firm, but in past years we have provided work on items like;

• Database cleansing – tidying up that practice management database is a common job assigned to team SBA during this time of the year.

• Precedent formatting of raw documents

• Marketing Collateral preparation – Looking to create some new marketing collateral for 2019?

• Holiday cover for WP and Conveyancing – The team can be deployed on a dedicated basis over the holidays to ensure you have support on standby.

• Article and blog writing – Our marketing team can begin preparing content for 2019 or assist with holiday themed materials.

December/January is a great time to use team SBA to make a dent in the large project to do list for your firm.

Whether it is any of the above projects or some other task, think of team SBA before the Christmas closure so we can get working over the holiday downtime.




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