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LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn has over 660 million monthly active users, with 40% using the platform daily. It’s also been proven more effective than other lead generation and customer acquisition platforms. A recent study has shown it’s 277% more effective than Facebook in this aspect!

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With so many opportunities, is it something you can ignore?

The Away-Team can assist clients with a host of LinkedIn networking strategies, enabling you to grow your LinkedIn reach without lifting a finger. Let us help out with the following:

Compiling target connection lists

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the Away-Team compiles lists in LinkedIn of prospective target connections based on discussions with you.

Sending connection requests on LinkedIn

We send a targeted number of connection requests daily with a customised note for each request, maximising successful connection requests.

Sending thank-you notes when connecting on LinkedIn

The Away-Team keeps track of how many connection requests are accepted each day, then, the next day, sends out a personalised thank you note.

Liking posts and creating engagement

Working with you, the Away-Team develops a framework for liking content and posting comments of targeted connections on LinkedIn, helping drive your reach and engagement.

Connect with pre-existing contacts met at social events or meetings

We’ve all been to an amazing networking event – you meet a bunch of people you plan to connect with and come back to the office but don’t have the time to log in and make the connection. The Away-Team can handle that too!

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