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Word Processing Services

Team SBA currently provides transcription services to a wide array of law firms and subject matter experts in various industries.

SBA’s has been providing transcription support services for law firms for more than 12 years now.

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Dictation software

In that time, our transcription team has worked on a variety of transcription software ranging from Olympus, Phillips Speech Live, Bighand, Winscribe and even dictations done on mobile devices whether it’s IPhone or Android.


How the service works

Dictations across various practice groups

The SBA WP team completes dictations for law firms across various practice areas including but not limited to family law, litigation, commercial law, workers compensation law and more.

Word Processing Teams in India and Australia

Team SBA has transcription/word processing teams are based in both India and Australia. The SBA India WP team has been working with our clients since 2010 and does primarily single speaker dictations.

These can be lawyers dictating file notes, letters, document amendments and more.

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