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Precedent and Document Formatting Services

Team SBA has been working with law firms in precedent creation and document formatting and automation support services for more than 12 years.

Team SBA has an in-depth understanding of the various aspects of precedent and document formatting assignments for law firms and general businesses.

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Law Firm Style Guides

Team SBA works with law firms to format documents as per law firm style guides. The style guide is bespoke to each firm and can be brief or very detailed and elaborate.

Whichever is the case, Team SBA does a deep dive to understand the nitty gritty of the firm’s style guide. Team SBA can also assist firms to create a bespoke style guide if the firm does not have a style guide. By following the style guide team SBA ensures that all documents produced for the law firm are consistent in style and presentation.

Automating Precedents in the Practice Management Systems

Team SBA works across a wide range of practice management systems and document management systems ranging from LEAP, Affinity, Practice Evolve, Action Step, Smokeball to name a few and also Net Documents, I Manage as examples of document management systems. Team SBA automates precedent documents in the client practice management systems using form fields present in the practice management system.

Microsoft Office & Formatting Services

Automating Documents in MS Word

Team SBA automates documents in MS Word for law firm clients by automating clause references so that they auto update, create new reference links throughout the document for defined terms in documents and creates automated table of contents that auto update with change of content in documents.

Tidying up Documents where formatting has gone haywire

This happens more frequently than one can imagine. A document is worked upon by the firm’s legal team, sent for comments to the other side and comes back and before you know the document has lost shape and form. Team SBA is often engaged to tidy up the formatting of such documents, restore missing clause references and similar. Team SBA has saved the day on many such occasions to get the document back into tip top shape.

Preparing resumes and other documents for recruitment firms

Team SBA prepares resumes and related documents as per applicable formatting guidelines for recruitment firms. Documents are prepared in Adobe In Design and MS Word.

Preparing Power Point Presentations

Team SBA is often deputed to tidy up and reformat power point presentations and convert given text to a presentation for review and sign off. These tasks are undertaken for both law firm and general business clients.

Deploying team SBA for precedent and document formatting tasks means SBA clients benefit from:

  • an ongoing access to expertise for precedent and document formatting assignments
  • reduced cost of delivering precedent and document formatting support
  • reduced opportunity cost for in-house team by freeing up valuable time for in-house team not spent on precedent creation and formatting assignments.

Explore how the precedent and formatting gurus of Team SBA can assist your firm’s in-house team be it you are sole practitioner or a large law firm or your business.

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