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Outsourced Conveyancing

SBA's outsourced conveyancing support services has been offering support to law firms and conveyancing businesses since 2012. 

Legal Process Outsourcing

As a law firm, you constantly try to remove the stress and confusion from your client's property transactions. But what about the work pressure on your team? When handling multiple matters, it can be difficult to match your client's expectations and run all the contracts smoothly – not to mention without any pitfalls!

Does the stress of property transactions affect your team’s productivity, and has paying individual attention to your clients become a luxury?

Conveyancing support solutions from Team SBA can ease resource constraints, improve turnaround time on transactions and relieve pressure on the in-house team.

Why partner with SBA on outsourced conveyancing support services?

Here's what you can expect when you engage the SBA team.


Reduce Overhead Costs

SBA’s India based conveyancing team has been assisting law firms with conveyancing support services since 2012. Outsource process driven parts of conveyancing transactions to reduce overhead costs of delivering these tasks. SBA India team can deliver 50% of the tasks in conveyancing transaction with 50% cost savings for law firms.


Better Client Servicing

Simplify your matter management by outsourcing parts of the conveyancing transactions to the SBA India Conveyancing team. Our conveyancing solutions increases workflow efficiency, enhancing ability to better plan and mitigate potential risks and further improve client retention.


Higher Profit Margins

SBA’s competitive pricing ensures you are getting quality work within a low investment budget SBA’s conveyancing support solution enables law firms and conveyancing businesses to service a higher volume of conveyancing work and simultaneously increase the profit margin on each transaction.

What Conveyancing Support Services to Outsource to Team SBA

Team SBA assists law firms and conveyancing businesses across states in Australia and in New Zealand.

For firms and conveyancing practices team SBA can assist with following:

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Matter Opening and creating Client Records in firm’s practice management system for both purchase and sale files and other matters such as estate planning, leases etc.

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Preparing documents such as Initial Letter to Client, Initial Letter to other side Solicitor, Initial Letter to Agent, Legal Services Letter, Purchase Documents, Sale Documents, post exchange letters, post settlement letters

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Ordering searches as per client requirements in search portals like Infotrack, TriSearch, GlobalX integrated with Practice Management Software including Title Search, Plan Search and any other required searches

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Prepare draft emails for end clients as per client instructions

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Undertake Conflict Searches as per client instructions in Practice Management Software

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When preparing the Draft Settlement Statements calling Council and Water Authority on behalf of our clients. Preparing emails for our end clients and emails to be send to other side

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When opening PEXA workspace, inviting parties and preparing documents and also sending the Notice of Acquisition to Council, Water Authority and Owners Corporation (if applicable) after Settlement

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Undertake OSR lodgement (for QLD clients)

What Practice Management Softwares and Conveyancing Softwares does Team SBA Work With ?

Team SBA is in a unique position of having familiarity will all major practice management systems used by law firms Australia wide. Thus Team SBA currently works on conveyancing processes across a range of software including but not limited to:

Lexis Affinity
Practi Evolve

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