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Marketing Support

Giving you the time to focus on your business by creating outsourcing strategies to help you reduce costs and increase work efficiency

How we can help

Traditionally reserved for cost cutting, thes days, outsourcing is more an opportunity to unlock specialised skills you may not have within your organisation.

SBA offer a range of marketing activities and functions that can help improve your corporate identity and get your brand known!

  • Social Media

  • Website

  • Digital | Social | Print Design

  • Film | Photo Editing

  • Graphic Design

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Our Marketing Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals working in a collaborative effort.

Meet a Snapshot of our Marketing Team!


Lachlan - Marketing Coordinator

Alongside his formal marketing qualification, Lachlan has worked over the years helping our clients reach their audience. From writing blogs, managing websites to producing and distributing video content, He is a big believer that digital marketing allows you punch above your weight when it comes to promotion and branding.

Lachlan also has experience with IT services, which gives him a more holistic view on how marketing plays into the bigger picture of CRMs, practice management systems etc.


Tris - Creative Lead

Tris has almost 10 years experience in Social Media, content creation, copy writing and graphic design, coupled with an expert understanding of the design process and it’s application. He’s passionate about brand presence and corporate identity through social media.

His unique skill set gears him to help clients
with a host of creative tasks such as social
media content & engagement, community
management, technical & copy writing,
animation, graphic design, video editing & voice over work.


The Process

At SBA we’ve created an intuitive system to help define and develop a marketing plan tailored for your firm or business. Our Marketing activities can be broken into two separate phases, conceptual and ongoing.

Developed in house - our marketing and brand definition survey uses branding concepts to distill the essence of your brand, enabling consistency of look, feel and voice.

With any marketing strategy consistency is key. To retain a continuous brand experience, we use the outcomes from the brand definition survey to develop a style guide.

Essentially, a set of rules for all aspects of your brand. Your logo, colours, how they’re used as well as typefaces, formatting and design. From company collateral for print and web, to content you share via your social media channels and everything in between. Wherever the client experience occurs, your brand message is presented the same way, helping associate confidence and loyalty. Once the conceptual phase is complete, you can then provide direction around the frequency and combination of ongoing tasks.

The ongoing marketing plan construct is dynamic - it can be scaled up or down at any time, depending on your needs.

Tasks and a content calendar will be plotted through a Trello Board which clients have direct access to, enabling simple, streamlined collaboration and input on an ongoing basis.

Our Process How does it work?

Here's what you can expect when you engage the SBA team.


STEP 1 Meeting

Exploratory meeting with SBA management to discuss business requirements and identify potential areas for support.


STEP 2 Dedicated Job e-mail

Our IT team will then create a dedicated email for your team to assign work and communicate directly with the relevant SBA teams.


STEP 3 Induction

We organise an induction session with yourself and your team to familiarise team SBA with your workflow processes. This is done over Zoom/Go To Meeting.


STEP 4 Start Assigning Work

Individual employees can now use the job e-mail to assign jobs around the clock. Our team completes the work in your either remotely inside your system or outside of it and liaise with your staff directly to address any queries.


STEP 5 Work Is Returned To In-house Team

Work is completed by SBA away team and relevant in-house team members are notified.

We are constantly reviewing our internal processes to help maximise efficiency on work assigned.

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