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How to instruct us to write articles / newsletter content Feb 14, 2018

Many of our clients love using us to help them fulfill key marketing and business development tasks such as writing articles or newsletter content on the latest case law or legislative developments.

Whilst we work flexibly with the internal processes of each business, we wanted to share our top tips on how to instruct us to write articles to help you complete this task – let us help you tick it off your to-do list!

Step 1 – Identify the content

First off, identify the case, legislative development or the subject matter of your proposed article. Send us either a copy of the case, new law or a link to an alert explaining the topic.

Step 2 – Consider the call to action

Secondly, you need to consider what the purpose of the article is. For example, is it to notify your current clients about changes in the law and get them to contact you to discuss how the changes impact them or their business? Or is it to flag an upcoming change in legislation and just demonstrate your expertise in the sector? Or maybe it’s to highlight the need for them to attend an upcoming webinar or event. Either way, communicate this to us so that we can best tailor the article based on the desired output.

Step 3 – Set the framework

Thirdly, it’s a great added bonus (but not a necessity) if you have a pre-existing format that you like using for articles. Perhaps you’ve published something before and want to replicate that article, or maybe you’ve seen something you like on the web. Whatever guidance you can give us about the format you’d like the article to be shaped around then send that through.

Step 4 – Specify the rules

Now it’s time to tell us the parameters. Perhaps your marketing guru has told you that articles need to be 600-1000 words max, or maybe you want us to draft content for your LinkedIn or Twitter account. Whatever the medium, it’s best to keep things short and snappy (unless you’re writing an ebook or white paper) so don’t be afraid to tell us the word limit or maximum pages.

Step 5 – Timeframe

Be as specific as possible with the deadline. If you want something to go out on a certain date, and we are new work buddies, then set a deadline for us to provide you with a first draft and then if it’s necessary, we will have time to review your feedback or suggested changes so that we can meet your publishing date. We aim to please but by planning ahead we can make sure that we delight!

Step 6 – Feedback

We want to work with you on an ongoing basis and the more work we do together, the better and quicker we’ll get at delivering great work for you. Make sure you provide us with open, no holds barred feedback – we love learning and developing with each task.

To help you and your employees with this process we have created a checklist with all the information you need to make sure you’re on the right track. You can download it by clicking

You can provide your feedback direct to the team member that you’ve been working with or you can always call or email Partha on:

T: 61 03 9863 8122

M: 0433 311 149

E: [email protected]


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