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How to Improve your IT Security Mar 23, 2018


In this article we look at what your organisation can do and why protecting your firm’s data is becoming essential for organisations of all sizes. Here are our top 5 tips to help your staff remain vigilant on the front lines of cyber security.

1. Educate your staff

This one might seem a little obvious, but there is no point having even the most well thought out IT security plan if your staff are unsure of their responsibilities & reporting protocols. Take some time out a couple of times a year to outline any changes in these procedures.

2. Be wary of passwords

When setting passwords, avoid using dictionary terms or sequential passwords (e.g. 123456 or password) Modern password cracking software can guess these in seconds. Try to come up with a phrase or random set of words containing upper, lower case, symbols and numbers to make it harder to guess. Also consider using a password manager with a unique login, these programs can store and generate passwords with a click of a button.

3. Check the Source!

If something seems off, it probably is. A common method for scammers is to send an email from a seemingly familiar source, so always check the users e-mail in the address bar. Another attack is to hide an unrelated URL under an email button, here is an example.

Although the layout of the e-mail seems legitimate, a quick hover over the button will show that is taking you to an unrelated webpage.

4. Trust your instincts

Most of you will use e-mail tools at some point of your day, so when something strange is received we will generally feel something is off. It is important to trust that feeling and investigate the things mentioned above. Prevention can be as simple as calling your IT department or asking a colleague to double check.

5. Be careful with personal devices

With the option of working remotely being more readily available, we must be careful when using our own devices to connect to work programs or networks. With over 50% of e-mails being opened on a mobile device, this can give hackers an instant back door to your network. Another common risk point is connecting to Airport free WIFI on an unsecured device. At the minimum you should be using anti-virus combined with a password manager to connect to any shared networks.

Here at SBA we take cyber security very seriously. As such we conduct onsite Cyber Security Seminars designed to educate and raise awareness of your staff. These seminars are a great opportunity to assess the awareness levels throughout your organisation and arm your team with the strategies and knowledge to recognise threats in your organisations day to day operations and how to mitigate them. Can you be sure your staff know what to do to minimise chances of a cyber attack

Contact SBA’s General Manager Brendan Hunt to organise an essential cyber security seminar for your organisation.

Brendan Hunt

General Manager

Strategic Business Alliance





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