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How to dip your toes into the world of outsourcing Feb 27, 2018

Whenever you start a new initiative in your business, it’s always best to do it in line with your strategic plan and your business goals. If your strategic plan is about growth, bettering client service and increasing profitability then you really ought to include outsourcing as part of your 2018 plans.

Outsourcing is something that once implemented and embedded into your daily routine, you won’t believe you ever lived without it. But we often recommend that you ease your way into outsourcing, and take your team on the journey with you in a measured and step-by-step way.

One way that you can do this is by dipping your toes into the outsourcing world first. A good place to start is to assess your team members daily tasks and duties and work out which ones are time consuming, routine (read boring) and take them away from focusing on your clients.

In our experience, the following tasks are commonly outsourced and can be initiated in a relatively easy way:

• Linking emails to your Practice Management System: this can be time consuming for your staff but it’s a necessary evil. Let us take this job off the hands of your team members to free them up for tasks that provide greater value to your business.

• PDF conversion and copy typing: we recently visited a firm where one of the Partners had just spent hours trying to convert a PDF so that he could get on with the legal job. What a waste of his time and the firms resources! Let us do this tasks for you so that you can focus on your billable work.

• Processing accounts payable and transactions: did you know that we have professionals in both India and Melbourne that can help you with these tasks?

• Updating / formatting precedents: our team are experts at formatting documents in line with your requirements and can do these jobs within a very quick timeline.

• Dictating and transcribing file notes: this is a great task to outsource, particularly for those of you that have gone paperless.

So now is your time to act. Pick up the phone and give us a call – we’ll help you get initiated into the world of outsourcing!

Brendan Hunt

General Manager

Strategic Business Alliance



Business Growth



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