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Flexible Resourcing Nov 26, 2020

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How could on the tap flexible resources help support your organisation just when you need it? What about using the same trained resources again at a moment’s notice? Catch up with Amanda to learn how SLS can work for you!

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Flexible Resourcing

Hello Principals of small and medium sized legal practices – what does flexibility in resourcing mean for you?

Do you want to have an ability to access resourcing for lumpy work without spending a lot of time in training such resources?

At the same time do you want the same team of resources to do your work every time you access them ?

What about pricing how important is competitive pricing for accessing such resourcing?

And what about tech – surely you do not want the hassle of having to setup such resources every time you access them?

Does all these make you throw your hands up in terms of looking at flexible resourcing options?

At SLS we feel your pain  – we know work flow is lumpy – we know that you do not want value for money and you want resources that you don’t want days to spend training on.

Our white label team at SLS ticks all those boxes – they are senior resources, who hit the ground running and represent value for money for the skills and expertise they bring to the table. They are also covered by LPLC insurance as SLS is an incorporated legal practice with national operations.

Our white label team is your secret weapon and competitive edge – take on that extra work without worrying about fixed resourcing costs – bid for larger projects with confidence.

You do not have to be a large practice to use SLS white label resources – you can be a sole practitioner or a small or medium firm.

Contact us today to explore how SLS White Label can supercharge your practice.



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