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Bookkeeping Outsourcing for Accounting Firms Mar 27, 2018

For accounting practices with primary revenue streams derived from tax return preparation and compliance and advisory services, SBA’s Book Keeping Outsourcing solution for professional practices present significant opportunities to increase revenue streams through the provision of a standardised white label bookkeeping service.

Benefits from Partnering with SBA for White Label Bookkeeping Services

1. Add incremental revenue streams by offering book keeping services to tax return and advisory clients.

2. Benefit from a standardised resourcing model for bookkeeping services by transferring the employment risk to SBA and benefiting from SBA’s dedicated team.

3. Provide a competitive value proposition to clients by leveraging SBA’s competitive pricing for white label book keeping services for accounting firms.

White Label Bookkeeping Process Flow

1. Team SBA becomes your firm’s ‘away team’ and processes transactions in a variety of small business softwares.

2. Team SBA logs in in remotely to process transactions, or paperwork from clients are uploaded to a common storage repository from where transactions are processed.

3. Team SBA can do end to end book keeping ranging from invoice processing through to management accounts preparation.

Competitive Advantage

1. Open new revenue streams and increment existing revenue streams by offering a competitive book keeping and management accounts preparation service to clients.

2. Benefit from access to an on demand resource pool of accounting professionals available to deploy with minimum notice.

3. Improve turnaround on book keeping and accounts preparation assignments by leveraging time difference and having a dedicated team of professionals to complement the in-house team.

4. Benefit from competitive pricing combined with no minimum deployment to help your firm ramp up in important periods.


Not only will outsourcing your book keeping services increase practice revenue and profitability, You will also benefit from having a dedicated ‘away team’ of accounting professionals to offer a competitively priced book keeping service who are able to be deployed to meet demand.

Contact SBA today to see how SBA’s bookkeeping outsourcing package can benefit your accounting firm.

Brendan Hunt

General Manager

Strategic Business Alliance



Outsourced Accounting Firm

Business Process Outsourcing


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