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Accounting Services With SBA Nov 12, 2020

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Say hi to our Accounting team! Accurate accounting is crucial for any successful businesses. It’s also complicated regardless of your size. Do you have in-house accountants or do you do it yourself?

If so, is it the best use of your time? Small, medium, or corporate, whatever your requirements or industry, SBA has you covered!

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Accounting With SBA Transcript

How much time do you spend each month crunching numbers? Dreading book keeping and accounting work for your business? Do you have in-house accountants? Do you have visibility on your monthly results and cash flow in a timely manner?

Whilst accounting is a critical function in any business it’s time consuming and for lack of a better word, taxing! So often, not on the top of anyone’s list of popular tasks. If you’re doing it yourself, is it even the best use of your time? Are there other aspects of your business you should be focusing on?

Be it invoice processing, transaction processing, bank reconciliations, billing, management accounts preparation, team SBA has you covered.

Our Accounting team assist a range of businesses – small, medium and large and across industries with a range of accounting support tasks.

Tasks range from the most simple – transaction processing through to the very complex; such as statutory accounts preparation for our accounting firm clients.

Team SBA is also a specialist in accounting support for law firms. We assist law firm accounts departments with month end processes including draft and final bills, archiving, reconciliations and processes relating to trust accounting.

SBA is a registered BAS Agent and our group entity STA is a tax agent and a registered Trust auditor for law firms. Our accounting teams in India and Melbourne can assist with end to end accounting support functions.

Whether you are a sole proprietor, a large corporate, a law firm or an accounting firm, SBA can customise an accounting support solution to complement your in-house team.

 SBA has competitively priced accounting support packages that can be customised to your organisation’s specific requirements.

Contact us to explore how team SBA can complement and optimise your in-house accounting functions.

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