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Punch Above Your Weight With SLS Oct 22, 2020


Today Amanda goes into detail on how, using SLS’s white label offerings, you can ‘Punch above your Weight’. Unlock our extensive skill set and scale your operation at a fraction of the cost you’d expect. Check our video out to learn more!

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Punch Above Your Weight Transcript

Today we are discussing a problem that many growing firms meet, how to scale your operation?

It might seem impossible without a large amount of capital expenditure or an increase to ongoing overheads. But what if I told you it was? A way to punch above your weight so to speak?

SLS can offer you lawyers below the market rate enabling you to provide measurable outcomes – enhancing your capacity, reputation and profit margin!

With our innovative white label methodology, you’re always in the middle of the picture, we’re in the background either helping your client directly or working on your referrals with your brand at the forefront in either case.

We take care of the day to day, freeing up your time – the way it works is dynamic, you’re always in control of the process.

We can work within your existing practice areas or can help establish new ones, expanding your offering and capability, enriching your client’s engagement.

So let’s look at the process a bit more closely. Once you’ve initiated working with SLS, our simplified workflow, enables your client to contact us directly for day to day tasks and have your brand visible at all times during these interactions.

In addition to the legal team from SLS, our parent company SBA can also support you with a range of value added services such as paralegal support, IT support and help desk, a wide variety of marketing functions as well as accounting support!

Whilst this is going on in the background you remain in contact with your client, nurturing the relationship – it’s as if they’re dealing with you and your own legal team.

When we return completed work to your client, we use your own email domain so that your brand is visible to your clients, You then continue to bill your clients as normal, only the work is completed at a lower cost.

With SLS as part of your team, your overheads are less and your profit is higher. You’ll also have more time to focus on growing your practice.

If you’d like to learn more about how to unlock opportunities and expertise using the SLS team, speak with us today.

And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our story from last week, white label conveyancing. We explained what white label is and how conveyancing can become a positive revenue stream for your practice!

It’s a great place to start with your outsourcing and innovation journey. You don’t want to miss it!



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