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100% FREE and no obligation 1 month’s free trial of using SBA India team

Your business will walk away with a roadmap of how SBA’s away
team can complement your in-house team

Benefits & Features



  • Learn how to utilise an outsourced team
  • Discover how outsourcing can free up your in-house team
  • Discover how outsourcing can create a critical competitive advantage for your business
  • Explore how outsourcing can help in increasing margins
  • Explore how outsourcing can enhance the productivity of your in-house team


  • Demystify how outsourcing can work for your business
  • Discover how outsourcing can reduce opportunity costs
  • Help your business to reduce costs and become more profitable
  • Learn how outsourcing can be a growth proposition for your business

The cost of having our SBA India team for a month is

absolutely free!!

Use team SBA India for a month for 152 hours free – explore how team SBA can complement your in-house team.

Its really about demonstrating how outsourcing can enhance productivity and profitability for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is this for?

Sole Proprietors, small and medium businesses, large enterprises


What can you throw in for free?

Free consultation with an SBA Board Member on how to get the best value from the one month free trial of using the SBA India team


How do you claim it?

Book a meeting HERE or sign up below to claim this offer


How can you afford to make such a jaw-dropping good offer?

We do it as a loss-leader. We provide this offer to find businesses that are a perfect fit for our services. If it’s a great fit then we are confident that the business will derive long term value from an engagement with team SBA.


What is your guarantee?

If you don’t see value from the free trial then there is no obligation to proceed to an engagement.


What is the sense of urgency around this offer?

We have a limited number of free trials on offer each month.


What types of firms will this work for?

Our business process outsourcing solutions are customised to every client’s specific requirements. Our clients come from a wide range of industries.

What's it going to cost?

The one month trial is free and we will make sure you get value out of it. Beyond the 1 month trial, we have competitive prices for any ongoing engagement which delivers sustained cost savings, higher margins and productivity benefits.

Can you give me a brief overview of how this works?

Sure. As part of the free trial we set up a dedicated email for job assignments. Your in-house team runs a meet and greet session with the SBA team and jobs can be allocated during the free trial.

100% FREE and no obligation Get your 1 month free trial now

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